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How-to Add an external drive to your FIOS DVR

Discussion in 'FIOS TV' started by jdeg, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    Fortunately Verizon has made it easy to add more storage to their newer DVR's. Unfortunately you can't use one of their older models to do this.

    Check your DVR model - these are the ones that support an external eSATA drive:
    • Motorola QIP 7216
    • Motorola QIP 7232
    • Cisco CHS 435 HDC

    Here's how to connect the drive once you have it:
    1. Plug the drive into the eSATA port (not the USB)
    2. The DVR should automatically detect the drive
    3. Programs will record to the drive when it is connected and record to the internal DVR drive when it is full
    To disconnect the drive:
    1. Press Menu or DVR on your recomote
    2. Go to Settings
    3. External Hard Drive
    4. Eject

    Other things to note:
    • You need version 1.9 or higher of the on screen channel guide. You can see what version you have by going to System Information under Menu/Customer Support.
    • You will need an eSATA external drive and cable, or a regular drive in an eSATA enclosure
    • 2TB is the max amount of space that the DVR will use on a drive (even if it is more than 2TB)
    • You cannot take video off of the external drive and save it to your computer - this is technically illegal.

    Here are some eSATA drives you should consider:

    • 1TB:
      • SD: 619.6 hours
      • HD: 147.8
    • 2TB
      • SD: 1239.2
      • HD: 295.6

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  2. flow

    flow New Member

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    It does not recognize the drive when plugged in. I double checked the drive model and activated twice and it still does not work

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