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All I want for Xmas is... good reception, no gimmicks

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Colleen, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. The Village Idiot <dlandsdowne@wsys.net> wrote in message

    > Good idea. AT&T is lower priced and has better promotional deals on new
    > phones, Verizon is perceived as having the best network and customer
    > service.

    And what Phil, the blithering Village Idiot (aka Dave) fails to point out
    are the many CURRENT complaints against both carriers and their Customer
    Service on both newsgroups, the multiple system issues ATT has been
    struggling with for almost two months, and the constant 'change of heart'
    that Verizon seems to take when they see dollar signs- I'll use their
    portability fee as an example (they originally said they would never charge

    Now, Phil (Dave, whichever of his 43 ID's he decides to use) will
    automatically point out a survey done by JD Powers six months ago, that does
    not reflect the current state of affairs in the industry. It was probably
    accurate at the time, but there have been too many layoffs, too many
    technical glitches, and WNLP that did not exist at the time of the survey.
    I'll guarantee that a survey done today would have much different results,
    with both ATT and Verizon scoring much lower than six months ago.

    And unlike you, Phil, I can be totally unbiased in stating all of this,
    because I have never worked for, used the services of, or had any direct
    interaction with any of these three companies, and unlike you, I am able to
    look at all of them from both a business and customer's perspective. You
    look at them as a jaded and very biased ex-customer of one particular
    company, and will say or do anything to put them in a bad light.

    And Phil- Verizon can be perceived to be anything you want. Don't use
    perceptions- use facts. I percieve you to be a complete idiot when it comes
    to the inner workings of the cellular industry (despite your numerous,
    factless posts). Using your logic, my perception would then be true.

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  2. David <dlandsdowne@wsys.net> wrote in message news:<dlandsdowne-994BDF.18162813122003@news02.west.earthlink.net>...
    > In article <zcasdhjddfyc30403069407@bizaveMYSHOES.com>,
    > usenetMYSHOES@bizaveMYSHOES.com (Andrew) wrote:
    > >
    > > I just got a Nokia 3589i with Verizon. Basic phone, great reception
    > > in my house and elsewhere. I paid $29.99 with a 2-year contract;
    > > might find it free in some markets, perhaps at Circuit City. You can
    > > do a two-week trial to test it and get your money back if it's bad for
    > > you.

    > WRONG. You will pay at least the $36 activation fee, and likely a full
    > monh of service also at Sprint.

    Excuse me, but this post says, "...with Verizon." Verizon is not
    Sprint, and Verizon does not charge a $36 activation fee necessarily
    and does not charge for a full month of service necessarily.

    Don't talk about the wrong carrer; read the post.

    *Michael Notforyou*

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