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Alltel and JumpTap Partner on Comprehensive Mobile Search System

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by Ironwalt, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Ironwalt

    Ironwalt New Member

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    Alltel Corp. has added a news release to its Investor Relations website.

    Title: Alltel and JumpTap Partner on Comprehensive Mobile Search System; With No Additional Charge, Alltel Subscribers Find Exactly What They Are Looking For
    Date: 9/12/2006 11:15:00 AM

    LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 12, 2006--Alltel Wireless
    (NYSE:AT), America's largest network, and JumpTap, Inc., a pioneer in
    the development of innovative, carrier-centric mobile search and
    advertising solutions, today announced a ground breaking partnership.
    The companies will be collaborating on an end-to-end mobile search
    system, which will allow Alltel subscribers to search and discover a
    wide range of relevant and targeted information from a host of
    different mobile, local and web-based providers. All of these new
    capabilities will be offered to Alltel subscribers at no additional

    From a single search button, Alltel subscribers will be able to
    search Alltel's full catalog of mobile content to find ringtones and
    wallpapers, in addition to Internet content such as maps and
    directions, news and sports, flight updates, weather, white pages,
    stock quotes, chat services, and any mobile website included in
    JumpTap's Mobile Search Index. In order to help Alltel subscribers
    find highly relevant offers from a broad range of mobile merchants,
    Alltel and JumpTap will allow mobile and local merchants to bid for
    targeted sponsored links and to purchase mobile impressions in
    appropriate places within the Alltel search and browsing experience.
    With mobile search Alltel subscribers will gain access to an open
    market of services with relevant and targeted mobile content.

    "Users want the search that they conduct on their cell phones to
    be easier, faster and more fun than the searches they conduct on the
    Internet," said Wade McGill, senior vice president of wireless product
    management for Alltel Wireless. "Our partnership with JumpTap will
    help our customers find a wider variety of content and information
    from a broader set of providers than they have ever been able to
    access before."

    "Alltel has demonstrated great leadership by using mobile search
    to better understand customer behavior and preferences," said Dan
    Olschwang, JumpTap's president and chief executive officer. "The
    Alltel user experience will continue to be one of the most innovative
    in the mobile industry, and we are excited to help Alltel subscribers
    gain more benefits from their mobile phones."

    About Alltel

    Alltel is owner and operator of the nation's largest wireless
    network and has more than 11 million wireless customers.

    About JumpTap, Inc.

    Founded in 2004, JumpTap, Inc. provides wireless carriers with an
    end-to-end, carrier-branded mobile search solution that drives
    third-party revenue for mobile operators while providing a quick, easy
    and fun mobile search experience for subscribers. JumpTap's
    comprehensive solution couples an intuitive user interface and
    mobile-specific search engine with a search marketing model that pays
    carriers for search success. JumpTap provides carriers, advertisers
    and subscribers with the industry's most complete, easy-to-use and
    rewarding mobile search environment. For more information on JumpTap,
    please visit: JumpTap. Harness the Power of Mobile Search.™.

    CONTACT: Topaz Partners (JumpTap)
    Peter Gorman, +1-781-404-2430
    Mobile: +1-617-669-4329
    Alltel Wireless
    Andrew Moreau, +1-501-905-7962

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