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Bitpim with bluetooth? vx9900

Discussion in 'LG enV' started by ch4in54w, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. ch4in54w

    ch4in54w New Member

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    yeah there are lots of these but i still cant find an answer. the guys at howardforums couldnt even help..

    when i try to connect it does nothing.. they told me to list out the available ports.. so here it is..

    so how to do i get this bad boy to connect?

    edit: it wont post the picture because of the filter, but you can put it in your URL.. you know the 4 letter s word =)

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    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 23, 2007
  2. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    attached the image for you ;)

    latest version of bitpim?
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2007

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