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Bluetooth Headset for the VX9800?

Discussion in 'LG' started by guiri, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. guiri

    guiri New Member

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    Hi guys,

    I'm getting the VX9800 and I need a Bluetooth headset for it.

    My requirements are is that it's easy to wear. I have a tendency to NOT like stuff on my ear so it has to be comfortable. I do NOT like stuff that goes IN the ear because my ear canals are very tight. I am very comfortable with the Plantronics wired headsets CS-300RS which I've had for years on my cordless phones at home and I can have them on for hours.

    Also, I do walk outside a bit so I'd like something that will work when there is a bit of wind.

    I like the features of the Nokia headsets as they have all kinds of stuff you can do from the headset.

    Also, I want CLEAR sound and since my ears are going bad, good volume.

    I don't really intend to listen to MP3's but hey, if it sounds good doing that, I'm fine.

    Price is not really that much of an issue.

    Thanks for any help (and links)


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