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bluetooth not working with bitpim and chocolate 8550

Discussion in 'LG Chocolate' started by cduval04, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. cduval04

    cduval04 New Member

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    hi.i paired my phone vx8550 (the new chocolate) and my laptop together and thy are working the computer says they are connected and bit pim say my phone is connected and that my bt is on com4 and properly working however when i set it to com4 and try to view the file system it is blank.there is a minus sign next to the folder at the top like there are folder under it but nothing shows.i get no error messages and at the bottom of the screen there is a green light and it says "ready" when i plug it in with usb.the folders show fine.when i have it connected via bluetooth and right click the folder and click reboot phone i get this error msg: "LG vx8550 on com4: the phone is not responding while transitioning mode from none to brew"

    I have tried the settings for the vx8500, 8550, and 8700, why arent the folders showing when i am in bt mode? do i have to enable some hidden folders to show? or is it something on the phone i havent enabled? i have all bt profiled enabled.help!

    i attched some screenshots
    one's of the folders showing when i have usb enables one is what the screen looks like when bt is enables and one is of the error msg i got when i clicked reboot phone

    8:09:48.921 COM4: Opening port COM4, 115200 baud, timeout 3.000000, hardwareflow 0, softwareflow 0
    18:09:48.921 COM4: Open of comm port suceeded
    18:09:48.921 LG-VX8550: Attempting to contact phone
    18:09:48.921 LG-VX8550: Listing dir ''
    18:09:52.937 COM4: Changed port speed to 38400
    18:09:57.437 COM4: Changed port speed to 115200
    18:10:05.937 LG-VX8550: No response to AT+GMM
    18:10:09.937 Failed to read filesystem
    18:10:09.953 LG-VX8550: Listing files in dir: ''
    18:10:09.953 LG-VX8550: Listing dir ''
    18:10:13.953 COM4: Changed port speed to 38400
    18:10:18.453 COM4: Changed port speed to 115200
    18:10:26.953 LG-VX8550: No response to AT+GMM
    18:10:30.953 Failed to read filesystem

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  2. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    hrm, are you using the latest version of bitpim?

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