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Buying an Older Model Phone... Why It's So Much Cheaper and Better!

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by David L, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. David L

    David L Guest

    I always read customer reviews first and have never found it a wise
    decision to purchase any just released phone model.
    First, new handsets are more likely to be full of software bugs and
    hardware problems.
    The handset will never be more expensive, have the least support and
    have fewer accessories available at higher prices than a brand new
    model. Prices always come down.

    Phonescoop is an excellent resource for finding handset features and
    models by carrier. One very useful tool to the prospective handset
    buyer, is reading through the Phonescoop user reviews. Not scientific,
    but there are many, very detailed reviews, written by experienced
    cellphone users. At least it's a good indicator for particular problems
    or complaints, which keep showing up in many revues.
    For example, the reviews for the Motorola E815...


    It takes time for accessories to get into the retail channels, so there
    may be shortages of new non standard size batteries and chargers, so
    prices will be expensive, due to lack of competition. When after market
    producers have enough time to build knockoffs of OEM batteries,
    chargers and other parts, there is more competition and more
    availability, so prices go way down. After 6 months to a year, even the
    OEM parts are distributed widely and discounts increase.

    Verizon may be the only source for a new model's battery and charger
    for the first few months.
    Some phone makers, especially Nokia, help out the consumer by making
    universal chargers and use the same batteries across many phone models.
    Could this be a reason why VZW carries few Nokias? The lack of a
    lucrative accessory sideline?

    I'm not sure? But do the Samsung model phones, or any other brands
    Verizon coninues to sell new models of, change battery styles often?

    Motorola has been making more phones use the same batteries, but if you
    notice they will slightly change a design, so an old battery style
    won't fit. This is not some engineering requirement, IMO, but a design
    that offers the carrier/reseller an increased opportunity to sell yet
    another special battery.

    Ever notice how battery styles seem to change with nearly every new
    phone model release? I suspect that carriers like Verizon often have
    exclusive supply of new model accessories, so they can get away with
    charging $50 for a battery and $30 CLA adapter. Not only does Verizon
    sell accessories at inflated prices, (which just about makes up for the
    discounted handset price, if the new handset purchaser picks up several
    accessories) Verizon even goes so far, as to sell their own packaged
    knock off versions of accessories.

    OEM is usually the best and then there are various grades of after
    market items. However, the consumer doesn't know if they are getting
    the A quality or the D quality knockoffs. Use and taking apart the
    accessories provides clues as to build and parts quality.
    Some Verizon label accessories are no better than other after market
    items which sell for much less. I'd like to think that Verizon
    specifies higher quality parts for their label, but I've purchased poor
    quality stuff from them too. Their guarranty is good and probably
    easier to get replaced, than a product purchased online, but most other
    after market sellers have good warranty replacement policies, they just
    don't have a storefront to return and exchange items at. A warranty
    that replaces a $20 charger, that fries a $300 phone isn't very good

    My advise. Just buy OEM products, from the handset producer. They are
    usually the best. If you wait 6 months to a year, OEM prices are not
    much more than after market items of an unknown grade. Another reason
    to put off buying that latest model handset. You can save hundreds of
    dollars off a complete set of high quality batteries, chargers and
    other extras, just for waiting awhile.

    As more people buy a phone, a more extensive knowledge base becomes
    available for tips, tricks and reliability as well. It's the knowledge
    base that makes usenet and forums so useful, but doesn't exist yet for
    a new phone model.

    A phones features and functions develop better documentation as more
    handsets get into the hands of users.
    I'm really thankful for the service early adopters provide for the rest
    of us (having been one myself) Their willingness to pay more and often
    spend lots of time dealing with all kinds of bugs, that neither the
    manufacturer nor Verizon know anything about yet, often seems more like

    Generally, most of the bugs and shortcomings are found and fixed within
    about 6 months. The handset prices decrease over the first year and
    plummet at about 2 years, as the phone model is entering the retirement
    phase. It's funny that just as the phone is about ready to be retired,
    its software has reached the most stable, bug free version, user
    support is the best and accessories are the cheapest. Accessory
    closeout prices at the VZW store are for less than wholesale during
    this time.

    There seem to be an eternal group of early adopters, bless their
    I do wonder if it's the same group of hardcore users, who learn to cope
    with the early adopter problems, or a brand new group, who doesn't know
    what they have gotten into, who keep up the bleeding edge of phone
    technology purchases? Or something else?
    Many of them, including myself at times, who have been eagerly
    anticipating a particular phone model release, which may contain a new
    technological or hardware milestone, from a cellular provider like VZW
    for example, are eager to snap up a new model phone as soon as it hits
    the shelves. Where's that flip Nokia at anyway?

    My advise is wait to get a phone, _everything_ about it gets better.
    However, if you have to go out and get that brand new pone, keep up the
    good work and report any bugs or tricks, it sure makes it easier on
    those who follow you!


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  2. Joseph wrote:

    >On 10 Sep 2005 14:16:00 -0700, "David L" <davlindi@hotmail.com> wrote:
    >>Some phone makers, especially Nokia, help out the consumer by making
    >>universal chargers and use the same batteries across many phone models.
    >>Could this be a reason why VZW carries few Nokias? The lack of a
    >>lucrative accessory sideline?

    >There are few Nokias more than likely because earlier Nokia models did
    >not work well. Both Verizon and Sprint PCS used Nokia models a few
    >years ago, but they did not perform well. Evidently Nokia's latest
    >CDMA models are now using the licensed chip from Qualcomm and that's
    >part of the reason they perform better and why both Sprint PCS and
    >Verizon are now putting some Nokia models in their lineup. The first
    >Nokia models were decidedly not high end models. Perhaps since Nokia
    >has proven itself this time around Verizon and Sprint PCS will decide
    >that Nokia CDMA models will work well for them.
    >- -

    Also, I believe that Nokia puts much more into GSM phones, which are not
    compatible with VZW.


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