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Cant figure out signal icons

Discussion in 'LG Voyager' started by maverick2402, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. maverick2402

    maverick2402 New Member

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    I just got my voyager today and I cant figure out the signal icons in the upper left of the screen ,the ones that say EV and 1X.....

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  2. nicknrm

    nicknrm Super Moderator

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    Both of those can have up to 4 bars following the Symbol EV or 1X.

    They are both indicators of how much wireless signal your cell phone is receiving from the carrier's tower.

    The 1X is an indicator of Voice services (calling) and 2G data (text messaging, basic mobile web, etc). As long as you have one bar of this, you'll be in excellent shape and should be able to place calls fairly clear. This is the most common type of signal to be found and is used by CDMA subscribers (non SIM Card phones). It is a digital signal and does not rely on the EV signal at all. This type of coverage can also be referred to as National Access.

    The EV is short for EV-DO which is the 3G network. It is available in most markets nationwide. This means you can take advantage of the V CAST Music and Video service from your Voyager, use the HTML browser at fast high speeds, download applications quickly, and send/receive pix and flix messages more quickly. To use the 3G services, you will need at least 1 bar of 1X signal and usually 2 bars of EV signal. This is because EV signal is more delicate. This type of coverage is sometimes referred to as Broadband Access or V CAST coverage area.

    There is also another type of signal indicator on your screen. It looks like a TV is in between your EV/1X and Battery indicators. Whenever there is an X in the TV box, you do not have the Flo V CAST Mobile TV coverage area. If the background of this TV is white (without an X), it indicates you can take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Flo TV service which is rare throughout the country. The TV service allows you to watch live broadcast video right from your wireless device from the top TV channel networks.


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