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Carrier Access Billing System (CABS)

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by admin35, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. admin35

    admin35 Guest

    Telephone carriers bill other carriers for terminating calls to their
    subscribers. For instance, let's say that Bell South provides me with
    local service to my land-line phone, and let's say that Qwest provides
    you with long distance service to your land-line phone. If you call
    me, then Bell South will bill Qwest a small amount of money for
    terminating your call to my phone. Telephone carriers keep track of
    this sort of inter-carrier billing by using a Carrier Access Billing
    System (CABS), and the carrier (ie. Qwest in this example) is
    identified in the CABS system by their four-digit Carrier
    Identification Code (CIC).

    Apparently Verizon Wireless is so big that it's right hand doesn't
    know what it's left hand is doing. I need to introduce Verizon's
    right hand (their legal department) to Verizon's left hand (the people
    who maintain the Verizon Wireless CABS system), so that I can find out
    which carrier connected a particular call to my Verizon Wireless cell

    Does anyone know anything at all about the CABS system that Verizon
    Wireless uses?

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  2. LGN

    LGN Guest

    Is carrier another word for service provider?

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