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cellphone worm (bluetooth)

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by noman, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. FPP

    FPP Guest

    In article <1rKdnVTM-8I3tUzdRVn-jA@comcast.com>,
    "Killer Madness" <killermo@cnet.com> wrote:

    > Don't tell me your saying Verizon knew this was going to happen and this is
    > why they have NO bluetooth capable phones available. In 2 years Verizon will
    > lose %30 of it's customer base because GSM will pretty much have the market.
    > Verizon's current towers can't be upgraded to what they want to provide in
    > the future...so everyone is paying out of the ass right now for their shitty
    > service. Unfortunately my friends still have their shitty service and get
    > dropped calls and TONS of packet loss when talking all the time. I hate it
    > when they call me from their cell phone. It may make a teenager happy to
    > talk dirty to his young girlfriend, but when you constantly have calls
    > dropped and terrible sound quality it starts to get real lame. Welcome to
    > the world of Verizon.

    Apparently, there must be a lot of "dirty talking teenagers" out there
    because Consumer Reports reported as of Feb. 2004 that:

    1) Verizon is "the company, which commands nearly one-fourth of the
    cell-phone market, has consistently topped our Ratings."

    2) Their recommendation? "A good first choice for many people: Verizon"

    3) Service? "Verizon had fewer problems with service overall. It was
    among the best at providing service and having circuits available."

    4) Customer Service? "Verizon customers who had a complaint were more
    likely than other carriers customers to describe the companys response
    as very helpful."

    They reported specifically on 4 aspects of service:

    1) No Service
    2) Dropped Calls
    3) Static
    4) Circuits Full

    Verizon topped the ratings in ALL the cities tested, including:

    Personally, I tried several of the carriers in my area - and Verizon was
    the best choice for me. But that's *me*. Your (and everybody else's)
    Mileage May Vary...

    I'm not saying that Verizon doesn't suck for *some* people... but
    Consumer Reports is "based on more than 31,000 responses", and they
    accept NO Advertising - nor do they allow their reports to be USED in
    *any* Advertising.

    Take it for what it's worth... and feel free to cite your own statistics.


    "Light moves faster than sound. That's why some
    folks appear bright until you hear them speak..."

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