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How-to Check the Weather on Your LG Lucid

Discussion in 'LG Lucid' started by DustenRust, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    The weather application on your LG Lucid provides detailed information about weather forecast in your city/region and others.

    How-To: Access the Weather Application on Your LG Lucid.

    1. From the Home screen tap the "Weather Widget" in order to access detailed weather information.
    2. Once the Weather app has been accessed you can swipe the screen left or right to scroll through weather information for the cities listed on your app.
    3. Press the "Refresh" icon found at the bottom of the Weather screen in order to get the latest information about the weather.
    4. To view local information for the city displayed on the weather screen press the "Yahoo" icon found at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    How-To: Update or Add a City to the Weather Application Menu.

    Whilst on the "City list screen" you can update, remove or add a new city on which you wish to keep an eye on the weather. To do so:

    1. Tap the "City list" icon found at the bottom-left corner of the Weather screen.
    2. Tap the "Add" button at the bottom of the "City list" menu and type in the name of the desired city.
    3. If you wish to remove a city press the "Remove" button found next to "Add", then checkmark the desired cities and press "Remove" to confirm.
    4. If you wish to update your current location tap "Current" at the top of the Weather screen.

    Configuring the Weather Application Settings.

    The Weather app offers a handful of settings that can be accessed by pressing the "Menu" sensitive button found on your LG Lucid whilst on the weather screen, then selecting "Settings".
    The settings menu includes options such as "List Settings" which allows you to customize your City list, and "General settings" which lets you change settings such as automatic update interval and more.

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