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Cingular- Make a partial payment, get your phone disconnected!

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Calvin White, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Calvin White

    Calvin White Guest

    There slogan is "Cingular Fits You Best", but that's most certainly not true
    for many people.

    My bill with Cingular was $190.00. It included two activation fees plus
    service for one month. The bill was due on the 16th, on the 20th I got a
    reminder notice (text message) I called and made a partial payment of
    $120.00, it was explained to me that this would be alright as long as I paid
    the remaining balance on the 1st on the upcoming month.

    On the 31st the phone was deactivated, no phone call to warn, no text
    message. My wife was broken down on the side of the road and tried to use
    her phone only to find it would not work. She managed to get to a pay phone
    and later that day I contacted Cingular. The rep stated that the account was
    disconnected because of failure to make payment in full and that there would
    be a $39 reactivation fee. I reminded them of our agreement and the best
    they could offer up was "I'm sorry that rep did not have the power to make
    that arrangement with you". I then ask if I could have the activation fee
    wavered just once. The answer "No". I asked to speak to an account manager.
    This took about 20 minutes, once on the line this person was one of the most
    soulless human beings I have encountered, the conversation went something
    like this:

    Me- "There's been some misunderstanding about my account, I had made an
    arrangement to pay off the remaining balance in full on the 1st".

    Collection Manager: "We do not make those kind of arrangements sir".

    Me- "Well, seeing as there was a misunderstanding, would it be possible to
    wave the $39 activation fee"

    Collection Manager. "I'm unable to do that"

    Me- "Come-on I'm only 16 days late on this account, don't you have kind of
    grace period"

    Collection Manager. "No"

    Me- "Can I speak with your supervisor?"

    Collection Manager. "My supervisor is not in the office right now"

    Me- "Well I..."

    Collection Manager. "My supervisor would tell you the same thing I am
    telling you now"

    Me- "Well can I get their name anyway?"

    Collection Manager. "He will have to call you back"

    Me- "Can I.."

    Collection Manager. "Do you intend to pay your bill today sir?"


    This is what to expect to get from Cingular should you have problems paying
    a bill. They have a zero tolerance for late payments. While I understand
    that is their right and I don't feel consumers should abuse credit or
    service contracts I think its best to have a service provider with a little
    understanding. If you agree, Cingular most certainly does not "fit you


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