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How-to Clear system cache on Droid X & X2

Discussion in 'Motorola' started by jdeg, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    Here is how to wipe the system cache on the Droid X. You should only do this is you are having issues with your phone.

    Make sure you back up your data before doing this!

    • Power the phone off
    • Power On while holding down the Home key
    • When exclamation point icon appears press BOTH volume keys
    • Use volume keys to navigate to "wipe cache partition" and tap the power button to select
    • Wait for it to finish and select reboot system

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    Last edited: Jun 14, 2011
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  2. JB1959

    JB1959 New Member

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    My Droid X is really really slow. Sometimes it is ok-medium slow but apparently of updates or email or something else is happening it really bogs down. I am afraid to try things that start out with "first make sure all you care abour on your phone is backed up" If I have to reinstall everything again, it might be onto an iPhone.

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