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Credit Card users beware

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by tgw, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. tgw

    tgw Guest

    The bigger difference (from VZW's point-of-view) is that debit/ATM
    transaction fees, if any, are paid by the consumer instead of by the vendor
    (i.e., VZW). Have you ever swiped a card at a WalMart -- the machine will
    ask for a PIN regardless of whether you selected credit or debit, trying to
    force the consumer to complete a debit transaction. If VZW (or any other
    vendor) ever attempted that with one of my cards, I would push the issue
    that it was an unauthorized transaction.

    "Roger Binns" <rogerb@rogerbinns.com> wrote in message
    > Apparently VZW have started in the last month or two using
    > debit/atm card processing against all the credit cards they
    > have on file, and only if that fails then do they try to access
    > them as a credit card. Note that they do this even if you
    > entered the card on the VZW web site as a credit card.
    > Needless to say debit/atm card transactions come straight out
    > of your checking account immediately without any of the usual
    > credit card protections (or you getting any "points" if you
    > care about that sort of thing).
    > My credit union had my credit cards setup with a convenience
    > feature that allowed them to be used as atm cards (thereby
    > making cash withdrawals cheaper than doing them as a credit
    > cash withdrawal).
    > I called up and got that all disabled so they are impossible
    > to charge except as a credit card. The credit union rep
    > even told me which company had annoyed me (VZW) before I
    > said it, as there are a lot of their other customers rather
    > pissed off with this as well.
    > Consequently I highly recommend you check with your
    > credit card issuer. You can tell if VZW has pulled this
    > stunt on you as your checking account will have
    > "51 Chubb Way Branchburg NJ" doing the transaction, instead
    > of "Verizon Wireless".
    > Roger

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  2. heavensent

    heavensent New Member

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    who knows what website i can go on and get someone elses name credit card number

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