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Dead Dare

Discussion in 'LG Dare' started by jamilee, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. jamilee

    jamilee New Member

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    I'm a newbie and am searching, but can't quite find any help.
    Also note - will be using backup assistance going forward. I 'thought' I'd set it up, but appraently not.
    Friday I was texting with a friend. After, set phone on countertop and didn't look at it for a couple hours. Was going to make sure charged for next day and dead. Thought battery, so tried 2 chargers and would not power up. Brought to Verizion store and tried other battery and nada.
    I've saved all pics on my microSD card. But, contacts. Any hope of retrieval? I've been waiting for the newest phone to come out, but seriously, couldn't this wait like another week!:flamemad:

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  2. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    unfortunately if you can't turn the phone on at all there's no way to get the contacts off of it. It's strange for it to just die completely. No contact with water or anything?

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