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Difference between Motorola v60c and v60i?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by joe, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. joe

    joe Guest

    Analog areas are fringe areas.

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  2. Steve Crow

    Steve Crow Guest

    Indeed there may be analog areas that are fringe areas, but analog areas
    are NOT inherently fringe areas.

    On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, joe wrote:

    > Analog areas are fringe areas.

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  3. Adman

    Adman Guest

    "Early Adopter" <yeah.right@dot.com> wrote in message news:<rBO7b.761$Oq3.31680@news.uswest.net>...
    > I don't think there is GPS in the V60i-- that's in the V60x.

    Any chance Verizon will be getting the V60x?
  4. No

    No Guest

    Once you get the antenna housing changed changed out and the newest
    software loaded, the only difference is the changeable covers on the V60i
    versus just the changeable battery cover on the back of the V60c.

    I took my V60c into Verizon because my antenna was no longer sitting
    properly. They replaced the entire antenna housing with the same that is
    on the V60i's, so that it now sits down over the housing. They also loaded
    it with the new software with the games and calculator, and I can no longer
    record voicenotes with the flip closed. Can't speak for the earpiece
    volume and sound quality. Never really noticed a problem with it before.
    I'm an old Startac 7868 user (still a great phone btw!) and am just as
    happy with my V60c.

    > The V60i has changeable covers (front and back), updated software with
    > games & calculator, and an improved antenna that is less prone to
    > being bent or broken if you sit on it. I've been using V60s for a few
    > years and have never had an antenna problem- even on an original V60c.
    > I also find the V60i has louder earpiece volume but you can't record
    > voice memos with the flip closed where you could on the V60c. To my
    > ears, the sound quality on the V60i is unmistakably better than on the
    > V60c so perhaps the codec was improved too.
    > There are some nice covers available from Motorola and if you buy one
    > from a reseller (like 1800mobiles.com) it comes with a smoked metal
    > cover which is about the best one of the bunch.
    > For a classy, non-color phone with long battery life and "just in
    > case" analog mode, you can't beat this phone.
    > "joe" <nospam@nospam.com> wrote in message
    > news:nospam-C44905.10544210092003@netnews.attbi.com...
    >> Can anyone tell me the Difference between the Motorola v60c and v60i?
    >> How are these phones? thanks!

  5. joe

    joe Guest

    yes, they did the same for me. the newer antenna is definetly worth the
    $10. they charged me. Also the newer software is good too but I agree
    with other posts, the mic quality with Verizon still doesn't sound as
    good as with TMobile. I left myself a message using my friends TMobile
    phone and I couldn't believe how clear it sounded. But Verizon has much
    better coverage at least here in California.
  6. GandalfSC

    GandalfSC Guest

    > On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, joe wrote:
    > > Can anyone tell me the Difference between the Motorola v60c and v60i?
    > > How are these phones? thanks!
    > >

    > "Steve Crow" <scrow@stevecrow.net>
    > wrote in message

    > The v.60i is aGPS-enabled and has interchangeable faceplates. It also is
    > loaded with vocoder issues that make it sound like crap compared to the
    > v.60c.

    If the 60i is GPS enabled, why DON'T I have it?
    Software upgrade needed?

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