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Disappointed in Verizon...

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by KruseLudsMobile, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. KruseLudsMobile

    KruseLudsMobile New Member

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    I just got this update (first picture), almost a month after it is released - for my Note 8. So, I assume they fixed the problem with the "Settings->Help" for any old sod that needs help on his phone - as it just redirects the user to a broken link for a web site. So, they fixed it with the release just given to us, that's why they spent a month testing that release, right? No. Still broken (see the second attachment). So - the least I can do is attached the complete Note 8 help documentation here for you. Enjoy. How freaking sad! And don't let Verizon tell you it's Samsung's fault the link doesn't work. Verizon is supposed to work with the manufacturers of the hardware on our behalf, aren't they? We bought our phones from Verizon, not Samsung, right? Or am I wrong about that?[​IMG][​IMG]http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5a6fc5d8424aa/VZW_SM-N950U_Galaxy_Note8_EN_UM_N_7.1_082817_FINAL_AC.PDF

    - R. Kruse Ludington

    Galaxy Note 8<-5<-3<-S3<-Nexus; Droid X; HTC HD2<-Touch Pro 2<-Tilt<-8525; O2 XDA II<-XDA

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