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env touch is a bad choice

Discussion in 'LG enV' started by ovlo99, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. ovlo99

    ovlo99 New Member

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    Hello, i am going to tell you the ups and downs of haveing a env touch. this is my 1st post and im useing my env touch to do this so therre might be some errors so bear with me..
    the env touch looks like a cool phone but dont let that fool you! the touch sucks. im going to compair it to the iphone because me dad has the iphone.
    with the env touch you vsn unlock it with the touch scran and butt dile because its not a real touch its a fake because verizen can make a touch the blackberry is a butten not touch! with the iphone you cant butt diel because it can only sence skin witch is good for people annytime.
    power my favoirit! the power sucks on the env touch it will charge in 5 minutes so gess what thats means buddy! the power suck but on the ipohone the power is better and lasts my dad uses the iphone alot and its never dided on him .
    apps ohh i got a story to tell u with that.
    apps are not cheap. to make a long story short i ran upva 200 doller bill on apps and music in 2 days and they where not evean good and ao they where likw 9 dollers a pieve! how u like dat!hhe said they are 3 bucks a pice for iphone mhmm cheap right. ill continue this posy latter because im suprising my mother and im out in the cold

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