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How-to Everything You Need to Know About the LG Lucid Music Player

Discussion in 'LG Lucid' started by DustenRust, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    How-To: Transfer Music Files From Your PC to Your LG Lucid.

    1. Connect your LC Lucid to your PC via the USB cable.
    2. Set your connection mode to mass storage by opening the notification panel and tapping "USB Connected" then "Mass Storage".
    3. Once the action pop-up window will appear on your PC screen, select to open the folder to view files.
    4. Use your computer to create a music folder on your MicroSD card.
    5. Copy the desired music files from your computer to the recently created folder.
    6. Open the "Notification" panel on your LG Lucid and select "USB connected > Charge Only".
    7. Disconnect your USB cable.

    How-To: Open Your Music Files on the LG Lucid.

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon found on the Home screen of your device.
    2. Select "Music Player". The application will now search the microSD card for music files and will build a music catalogue containing your recently copied files.

    How-To: Search Your Media Library for Specific Music Files.

    1. Go to the "Library" screen and press the "Search" sensitive button on your device.
    2. Type in the name of the name, artist, track or filename you're looking for.
    3. The library will automatically display files matching your search criteria. Tap the desired album or artist to see the music files associated with them, or tap the desired music file in order to play it.

    How-To: Delete a Song From the microSD Card.

    There are three ways to delete a music file from your SD Card.
    Method 1: While in the "Library" menu tap and hold the desired music file then press "Delete" from the pop-up menu.
    Method 2: On the "Playback" screen press the "Menu" sensitive button then select "Delete".
    Method 3: Connect your LG Lucid to your PC via the USB cable then delete de desired music files using the computer's interface.

    How-To: Play Your Tracks in Shuffle Mode.

    1. From the "Library" screen press the "Menu" sensitive key on your device.
    2. Select "Party shuffle".
    3. To view the current "Party Shuffle" playlist tap the "Playlist" icon found on the playback screen.
    4. To add a track to the "Party Shuffle" access the "Library".
    5. Tap and hold the desired track.
    6. Select "Add to playlist" from the context menu then select "Current playlist".
    7. If you wish to disable "Party Shuffle" press the "Menu" sensitive key and select "Party Shuffle off".

    How-To: Change Media Player Settings on Your LG Lucid.

    To change settings while on the "Playback screen press the "Menu" sensitive key and select "More" then "Settings".
    To change settings while on the "Library" screen tap the "Menu" button and select "Settings".

    Enable, Disable or Customize the preferred settings as you desire.

    - The "Show notification" option will display the controller on the "Notification bar" of your device.
    - The "Sleep Timer" option automatically turns off the music player after a period of time specified by the user.
    - "Dolby Mobile" will enable several Dolby sound effects as long as you're using headphones.

    How-To: Create, Customize and Delete a Playlist.

    Creating a Playlist:

    1. Launch the "Music Player".
    2. Select the "Playlists" tab then press "New Playlist".
    3. Type in the desired name for your playlist then press "Save".

    Adding a Song to a Playlist:

    1. Browse through your music files in the Library screen.
    2. Tap and hold the desired music file then select "Add to playlist" from the context menu.
    3. Select the playlist to which you want to add the song.

    Additionally you can add a song to a playlist via the "Playback" screen by doing the following:

    1. Whilst the desired song is playing press the "Menu" sensitive key.
    2. Select "Add to playlist" and select the desired playlist.

    Removing a Song From a Playlist:

    1. Open the playlist.
    2. Press and hold the song you wish to remove then select "Delete" from the pop-up menu.

    Deleting or Renaming a Playlist:

    1. Go to the "Playlist library".
    2. Press and hold the desired playlist.
    3. Select "Delete" from the context menu and press "OK" to delete.
    4. If you wish to rename the playlist select "Rename" from the context menu, type in a new name then press "Save".

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