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Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Dan Harms, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. D L

    D L Guest

    I recently bought a Samsung SCH-a530 at a Verizon store and the cash
    register contract printed out EN MOU. I was able to connect without any
    account authorization. Nothing was said or printed about tethered operation.
    From the many messages I have read, it seems Verizon provides grandfathering
    of contracts, no matter what the original terms, so long as you renew it on
    a regular basis. My hope is that if they change their policy, it will be for
    new accounts only. Anyone have some insight on the whole grandfathering
    principle at Verizon?

    "Thomas M. Goethe" <xspamgoethe11xxxxxx@lycos.com> wrote in message
    > "Mike" <inundated9@yahoo.com> wrote in message
    > news:vl2fsvs6cmirmcm8kkqe72q33buea67225@4ax.com...
    > > On Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:12:50 -0600, Steven J Sobol
    > > <sjsobol@JustThe.net> wrote:
    > >
    > > And that's probably the reason VZW will never impose anything other
    > > than airtime minutes for use of EN/NA for those who have the MOU on
    > > their account. I've found very few, if any, examples of reps that
    > > specifically stated MOU wasn't for tethered use.

    > I hope you are right. I do know that the guy in data support was as
    > surprised as I was at VZW allowing this, but he said go for it. I could
    > almost see the raised eyebrows over the phone. The guy at the store also
    > knew what I intended to use it for and he said there was no reason I
    > couldn't, but he also said it was a pretty big surprise to him that you
    > could do it. I think this was in July. I am sure that they didn't intend
    > tethered use, particularly with free nights and weekends, but that is what
    > they are getting. I just hope the party doesn't end. They didn't go as far
    > off the limb as Sprint, which setup unlimited service for $35/month and

    > had to figure out how to stop it.
    > --
    > Thomas M. Goethe

    › See More: ExpressNetwork
  2. Dan Harms

    Dan Harms Guest

    sqfreak@eudoramail.com (Michael Notforyou) wrote in message news:<
    > I just signed a 1 year contract on an AC500FS plan. One of the
    > provisions on the contract was:
    > I've set my computer to use my LG VX4400B to dial #777, and login with
    > mymobilenumber@vzw3g.com, password vzw. It does work - I used it for
    > under a minute to make sure I would get charged little if anything.
    > The display showed something like 1X3G DATA CALL.

    First of all THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO RESPONDED!!!! I now can get on the
    net with my PowerBook running OS X (Panther).

    I just signed up for AC 400 plan and got a new LG VX4400 phone (I got
    it free of charge, btw - they said that since I've been a customer for
    3 years, I get $100 off any phone).

    I aksed about EN MOU at the counter, and she told me, no they don't do
    such a thing, that Express Network costs extra, something like $79. I
    was going to suggest she probably was confusing it with Broadband (I'm
    in DC where it's available), but decided to stay quiet until she
    prints the contract. The contract listed NATIONALACCESS MOU - $0.00,
    so I just pretended I lost interest in the Internet conversation.

    Thanks to another tip I found on the net - I got myself a cable at
    RadioShack (part number 17-0789, FutureDial for LG 5350, but
    apparently works for VX4400 just fine. Don't buy the software, you
    don't need it) for $20 instead of the $75 Verizon rip-off kit. The
    cable connects to my PowerBook USB port just fine, and shows up as
    "Quallcom CDMA" serial port, and I was able to get on the Internet
    after a little tweaking.

    For the curious, I set the data speed on the phone to 230400, then
    copied the /Library/Modem Scripts/Sprint PCS Vision file to another
    file in the same directory I called Verizon, and edited it by
    replacing the "ATZ" and the "AT+IFC" lines with

    write "AT$QCMDR=3;AT$QCQNC=0\13"

    and was able to get on the network by using my newly created modem
    script along with the same login/password/phone# as Michael listed

    Using SSH in this connection is definitely sluggish - the throughput
    is ok, but latency is high, but better than nothing, esp. considering
    it should work just about anywhere. My (very limited) download tests
    showed that I was getting about 64K. I noticed that the phone drops
    off after 30 secs of inactivity (the laptop thinks it's still
    connected though), and that hitting a key resumes the connection in
    about 5 2-6 seconds (not quite as fast as ISDN, but quick), and it
    looks like I was lucky to get the same IP because my SSH session
    didn't drop.

    So, anyway, I'm waiting for the bill now to see if I get charged extra
    for this.

  3. Hugh Wolf

    Hugh Wolf Guest

    On 2003-12-05, Dan Harms <dharms98@yahoo.com> wrote:
    > Thanks to another tip I found on the net - I got myself a cable at
    > RadioShack (part number 17-0789

    This should work nicely for both ppp (en, qnc, or conventional dialup)
    and with Panther's built-in fax support, with, as you discovered, no
    need for a third party driver.

    What it won't support is bitpim, the handy Python application that
    lets you upload ringtones, wallpaper, address-book entries etc. If
    you want to use bitpim you need the serial-converting cable, and with
    that cable you need a third-party driver. But if you can live without
    this functionality, you're better off with the cable you have imo.

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