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FCC seeks comment on Cingular-AT&TWS waiver

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Andrew Shepherd, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Todd Allcock

    Todd Allcock Guest

    cinema@ku.edu (Andrew Shepherd) wrote in message news:<33e89561.0404102029.394ee46c@posting.google.com>...

    > Well, the Baby
    > Bells should be trusted about as far as any of them can be thrown -
    > which is not very far to say the least! Let us face it, the RBOCs
    > want nothing more than to stymie competition through the preservation
    > of their regulated regional monopolies. And Cingular-AT&TWS' (read:
    > SBC's & BellSouth's) request for waiver of the Cellular cross-interest
    > rule is just more of the Baby Bell same!

    While I agree with your points, as N9WOS pointed out, Cingular is by
    far the most "AMPS-friendly" of the national carriers. If someone had
    to be allowed to control both A&B blocks, you could certainly do worse
    than Cingular! ;-)

    Besides, while divesting spectrum is easy, divesting customers isn't-
    realistically those customers have little value to either company as
    an asset since they're all free agents when their contracts expire.

    The government realistically can't "give" Cingular customers to a
    competitor anymore than they could announce that starting tomorrow 1/2
    of McDonald's customers now "belong" to Arby's.

    Any spectrum divestiture should be handled like radio and TV station
    divestiture is handled (or, rather, WAS handled before those spectrum
    caps went away!)- give the company a reasonable period, say 12-24
    months to sell off the extra spectrum assets (with/without towers,
    equipment, customers, or whatever- the "sin" we're addressing is
    spectrum- anything else is between the buyer and the seller). If
    someone wants it bad enough they can buy it, or swap for it (i.e.
    Verizon might want 800MHz spectrum in a market they only have 1900MHz
    in and could swap their PCS spectrum for the extra Cingular cellular
    band.) If nobody buys the spectrum from Cingular by the deadline, it
    goes back for reauctioning.

    Also, divestiture isn't the only solution- the feds could instead
    force Cingular to commit to alternative, more creative, methods of
    fostering competition- forcing them to allow resellers, requiring
    "good faith" negotiations of wholesale airtime rates to those
    resellers as well as to competitors seeking roaming partners in those
    CSAs, etc.

    But a reasonable deadline spectrum-only divestiture or a
    PCS-for-cellular band swap would certainly work, satisfying both those
    who fear monopolist domination of 800MHz spectrum, and those who'd
    prefer a (primarily) free-market solution to the problem.

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