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fios remote dvr

Discussion in 'LG enV' started by bert11, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. bert11

    bert11 New Member

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    I've had my enV touch for only a few days, but I also have some questions/comments. Most have been brought up in these forums, but there are a few I haven't seen yet.
    -where is the fios remote dvr feature? I had this on my voyager and got hooked.
    -How can i make my videos (from previous voyager card) fit the full external screen when set to wallpaper? My pics also only show up as a tiny box. I've had some luck with a few pics on the internal wallpaper. the pics that seem to work were taken from my kodak camera and transferred to the card. All the pics from the voyager itself only show up in the small version, even though the touch asks if i want to fit the pic to fill screen.
    -I like the tiny moving equalizer that shows up on the top of the external screen when I'm listening to music with the handset closed. Is there a see that on the internal screen? I used to have a V and it had the equalizer bars rising and falling underneath the song info.
    -some of the comments I've read and agree with are: flash too bright on close ups, need many more apps (i miss my espn mvp)...I'll keep exploring.

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