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Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by cell-unlocker, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. cell-unlocker

    cell-unlocker Cell Phone Vendor

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    (You must be a registered Facebook user for over 6 months):

    The promotion #1 applies to ONLY:

    Rogers Blackberry
    Cingular At&t Blackberry
    T-Mobile USA Blackberry
    Verizon Blackberry

    Step 1: Go to our facebook page and join our group HERE

    Step 2: Add the administrator as a friend (Jenny Lee)

    Step 3: Go our website HERE and click on the "share" button as the picture shows. In the comment box type the carrier, phone model and unlock code


    ex: "Rogers blackberry 9700 Bold 2 unlock code"

    Step 4: Post your IMEI number, carrier your phone is currently locked to, and model of the phone on the wall of our group, and we will reply with your unlock code and instructions

    Step 5: After we have successfully unlocked your phone, say thank you on our wall ;)


    * Only 1 unlock code per person

    * All the steps must be followed for an unlock code to be redeemable.

    * Due to the large volume of codes, the unlock code may take 24 hours or more to process

    * We will be doing first come, first serve basis. Promotion may end before we process your IMEI Number

    * New facebook accounts will not be helped


    (You must have a youtube.com account for this promotion)

    Promotion #2 applies to all phones (except iphone) locked to:

    Cingular At&t (No nokia)
    Tmobile USA (No motorola, sidekick)
    Telus (No Samsung)
    Bell (No Samsung
    Verizon (blackberry only)

    Step 1. Go to our website (www.cellunlocker.net) and place your order under the code lookup section

    Step 2. Film the unlocking process and explain with words how your received the code

    a). Show how you got your IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your phone.
    b). Show our url (www.cellunlocker.net) on the screen and how you did a code search using the code look up.
    c). Show how you received your unlock code and instructions by email.
    d). Show you entering the unlock code into the phone, and successfully unlocking it.

    Step 3. Upload the video to Youtube

    a). In the description of youtube.com video our URL must be there (www.cellunlocker.net).
    b). In the description you must also include the keywords: unlock code, your phone model, and your phone carrier or network. Also write a short description of the unlocking process.

    ex: This is a video of how I unlocked my blackberry 9700 phone locked to verizon by unlock code. I used cellunlocker.net and received an unlocking code. Thanks cellunlocker!
    c). In the title of the youtube.com video you must include "How to unlock (Your carrier phone is locked to) ________(your phone model)___________to GSM any network.

    ex: How to unlock a Cingular At&t Blackberry 9700 bold 2 locked to the GSM network.

    Step 4. Subcribe to our group Here

    Step 5. Email us the URL on youtube.com and the email address you used to place your order.

    After you completed steps one and two, email us the URL and email address. We will refund your amount paid to place your initial order.


    * Quality of video and sound be good enough for us see and hear clearly

    * If all the prior requirements are not fulfilled we reserve the right not give reimburse the amount

    * Only one unlock code per person

    * Due to the large volume of codes, the unlock code may take 24 hours or more to process

    › See More: FREE UNLOCK CODE for your phone! - LIMITED TIME PROMOTION

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