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Free Up Coverage Map Question

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Eric, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    On Sat, 04 Oct 2003 03:04:59 GMT, Stanley Cline <sc1-news@roamer1.org>

    >FreeUp "network" coverage includes VZW systems only. (There have been
    >reports that some ALLTEL areas have been treated as "on-network", but
    >I wouldn't count on getting a cheap ride in any non-VZW market.)

    (raising hand) That's me you're talking about ;) The markets in
    question are where VZW shares SIDs with, in the case I cited, Alltel.
    (SID 32) I think it works that way because the SID is the same, and
    VZW routes it from Alltel as if it were their own. But again, I
    wouldn't depend on this behavior...for a while there, it was
    impossible to even MAKE a call from Alltel's part of SID 32 in West

    >>Am I correct in calling it a "Local DigitalChoice Compilation?", as in

    >Even LDC in most markets includes at least some non-VZW coverage...

    Just to clarify...when you talk about the FreeUp/VZW network, you CAN
    still roam on other networks in the PRL...you're just paying
    99c/minute for them.

    >>If I go into a covered metropolitan area (where I know i'm using
    >>verizons towers) outside my local area, I see a roaming indicator. If

    >If you're seeing a roam indicator in an area covered by VZW, you need
    >to do a PRL update (dial *228 and select option 2); there are PRLs
    >just for FreeUp customers that show all VZW systems as non-roaming and
    >all non-VZW systems as "solid" roam.

    My Nokia 5185i has always shown all non-home SID systems as roaming,
    even VZW-owned networks. But it doesn't support ERI...


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