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GoPro app for camera

Discussion in 'Nokia' started by Phoneman, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Phoneman

    Phoneman Member

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    I am a big GoPro user and I have downloaded the GoPro app on my Nokia windows phone. It is great and I can control my camera with my handset. It is so easy to start and stop recordings, take several photos and adjust all the settings using this app. The best part is that the app has some cool sharing features and I sent my skydiving pictures to Facebook and Twitter last week.

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  2. Keanu

    Keanu New Member

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    I just bought a GoPro camera and was looking for an app for it. Now I can place my camera anywhere at a vantage point and control it with my phone. I can take a lot of spy shots and wildlife snaps doing this. I am a wildlife photographer and spend a lot of time in forests where placing my GoPro in a hidden location will need an app like this.

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