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Health and Fitness on Windows 8.1 with ICON is very cool

Discussion in 'Nokia' started by Jayaram Krishnaswamy, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Jayaram Krishnaswamy

    Jayaram Krishnaswamy New Member

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    Microsoft has a great thing going with its health and fitness related products.
    First of all there is this Microsoft Health that is an integration of its Windows Azure (this is really a very big investment, trust me with some 19 or so data centers all over the world. Health related information can go to the cloud from not only Microsoft Windows Phone and the latest Microsoft Band but also from other apps on iPhone and Android.

    It has recently released (probably not in the stores yet) Microsoft Band, a wearable wrist wrap that does most things you can do on phone and also measure your activities and send out alerts, like blood pressure, tracking your run/walk, count steps and many more.

    There are two apps that you can down load to your Nokia Icon, the Health and Fitness app and the Microsoft Health and to use the latter you need to buy the Microsoft Wrap. I have covered the Health and Fitness app in detail in my blogs that you can search, Hodentek and HodentekMobile on blogger.

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