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HELP: In need of older enV3 software vx920v03

Discussion in 'LG enV' started by BlackHawk1, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. BlackHawk1

    BlackHawk1 New Member

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    Hi. I am looking for the .bin file that would take my enV3 back to software version vx920v03. I'm told it should be a .bin file. Does anyone have this archived? If you can point me to it, I would greatly appreciate it as I have searched and can't locate it.

    My issue... my LG enV3 had software vx920v03 when I purchased it. I loved the phone and it never gave me a problem. That's until one day I had Verizon update it to the latest software version which is vx920v07. What a mistake! Ever since that happened my phone will just shut down and reboot. I traced the problem back to having songs on my micro SD card. I take the songs off and the rebooting issue goes away. With the v3 software that was never a problem. I confirmed this with my relatives enV3 with v3 software... my card with songs is just fine with his phone. Other issues with the v7 update... My Pioneer AVH-P3200BT (in car) DVD player with Bluetooth capability would produce a message on screen letting me know when someone sent me a text message while I was listening to the radio or cd. With v3 that was all good, but with v7, that capability has been lost. :( I hate this version 7 software and want my version 3 back! I hope someone can help. Thank you so much!

    Looking to go from vx920v07 back to vx920v03 if possible.

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