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Hmm...with unlimited M2M, who needs PTT?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Larry W4CSC, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Yuk Fu

    Yuk Fu Guest

    And that was my point. He's been saying the same things over and over
    like a broken record for over a year.

    BLAH@BLAH.COM (RDAEX ) wrote in article
    > nospam@home.com (Larry W4CSC) wrote in article
    > <3f69b1ce.297106638@news.knology.net>:
    > > On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 07:32:30 -0000, sprintblows@hotmail.com (Yuk Fu)
    > > wrote:

    > > >

    > > Don't those sour grapes you keep chewing on make your mouth pucker all
    > > up like the hole on the other end? Man, that's two sour grapes
    > > attacks in a row. This isn't a company webpage. We can discuss
    > > anything we like here.
    > >

    > The point is Larry, shit or get off the pot.
    > You can not like something, you can point out you dont like it, but
    > until you DO something about it (how long have you had VZW now?), you
    > should just shut up about it.
    > PTT is not the same as m2m, group chat, instant communication, presence
    > indicator, etc. etc. etc.
    > It isnt the same feature, if you want alltel, go sign up, if you want to
    > stay with VZW, stop bitching for no good reason.
    > [posted via phonescoop.com]

    [posted via phonescoop.com]

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