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How is the internet browser on enV Touch, and enV3?

Discussion in 'LG enV' started by jdeg, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    Is the browser on the enV Touch and enV3 an improvement over the browser on the voyager and enV2? Can it play flash videos?

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  2. the2ndflood

    the2ndflood New Member

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    Not really. The Obigo browser still overloads and resets the phone easily. The browser can play Flash, but it is limited. While trying to load larger Flash Sites/Flash Embedded Content; the browser will crash. Playing Flash Videos doesn't work well either, if at all. You can still only bookmark 23 sites; 6 of those sites come pre-installed and can not be deleted. Rendering is still limited, but better then the Voyager. Where the Voyager's browser would crash almost immediately; the EnV Touch's can actually load larger HTML sites. And you have to Zoom-In to view sites with the text at a size that can be readable, but that means other sites load in a giant screen and you have to Re-Size the site.
    Sites like Youtube load the videos in 3 screen sizes, and the smallest makes videos tiny; while the other 2 sizes make the videos look like garbage. Other videos sites don't work at all.

    So yeah, the browser is a little bit better, but not all that much different. I thought LG was dropping Obigo, but I guess they just chose to use their browser again.

    Oh, and still no streaming MP3 feeds. www.moodio.fm works on so many other phones, from other carriers, but not with LG and Verizon.

    Just ask me what to test on the EnV Touch and I will test it and post it here.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2009
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