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How Secure Is A Digital Connection?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Dick, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. David S

    David S Guest

    On 26 Feb 2004 19:56:44 GMT, hoch@exemplary.invalid (CharlesH) chose to add
    this to the great equation of life, the universe, and everything:

    >In article <7vudncLJr9nj1qPdRVn-jg@lmi.net>,
    >Steven J Sobol <sjsobol@JustThe.net> wrote:
    >>David S <dwstreeter@spamisnaughty.att.net> wrote:
    >>> I'm in the middle of a debit card fraud thing right now. One call to my
    >>> credit union and they put a credit in my checking account for the disputed
    >>> amount. If there had been an overdraft (there easily could have been), I'm
    >>> sure they would have waived the fee.

    >>I'm sure some financial institutions do it. It's possible that the number
    >>that do is growing. I know that not everyone does it, and it's not by
    >>any stretch of the imagination a standard practice. (yet.)

    >The bank may well restore your balance and reverse any of *their*
    >overdraft charges, but the problem remains that the businesses you gave
    >checks to still see you as a bad-check writer, and will assess *their*
    >penalties, report you to credit bureaus, etc.

    I was fortunate that that didn't happen, but I keep a very close eye on my

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  2. Isaiah Beard

    Isaiah Beard Guest

    Steven J Sobol wrote:

    > Isaiah Beard <sacredpoet@sacredpoet.com> wrote:
    >>Actually, they do.

    > You have a lot less leeway with the banks when you dispute a debit card
    > charge that should not be on your card than when you dispute a credit card
    > charge.

    Really? If you've had trouble with your bank on this issue, then you
    need to switch banks. If that debit card has the Visa or MC logo on it,
    then the zero liability rule applies.

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