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How to get better cell phone reception?

Discussion in 'LG Voyager' started by Neko, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Neko

    Neko New Member

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    I just got my LG Voyager and I love it. I'm finding something new about it everyday. But when I got home I found out that my area is bad for a signal. I did find one hotspot in my kitchen high up a corner by the ceiling, I have to step on a step stool and use speaker phone to make a call.

    How can I get better cell phone reception?

    Thank You!

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  2. WiredNot

    WiredNot New Member

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    Hi Neko,

    You may have to do what I did and install a cell phone extender. This is a device that amplifies the cell phone signal and rebroadcasts it inside your home so that you have good coverage.

    I purchased a zBoost YX510 kit which includes everything you need to install it yourself. It is a dual-band device which would be important for you because it boosts both the "EV" (3G) and "1X" (standard cell) signals used by your Voyager.

    The price of these kits runs from $250 to $400. I purchased my kit new on eBay from a cell phone business for about $250. But the retail price is much higher and you will seldom find them that cheap. You can get them for about $300 at Amazon.com which is still a very good price.

    Here are the steps: You install an "external" antenna either on your roof, outer wall or in your attic. It must be located where a good signal is present. You run a coaxial cable from this external antenna down to the main area of your home where you connect it to the amplifier. If possible, the external antenna should be located at a height 15 feet or more above the amplifier. The greater the vertical separation, the better. The ampifier includes its own indoor antenna and requires power. It comes with an AC adapter to plug into an AC outlet. All of these parts (the external antenna, mounting bracket, coaxial cable, amplifier with indoor antenna and AC adapter) are included in the kit along with instructions.

    I was able to locate the external antenna in the attic of my 2 story farm home so I never had to go outside. If you do need to mount the antenna outside your home (such as on your roof) then you should buy an optional grounding kit to connect the external antenna to ground so it is protected during a thunderstorm. The grounding kits are fairly cheap (less than $10).

    The YX510 kit requires that you have a good signal somewhere near your home and this is where you must locate the external antenna. However, there are more advanced extenders that you can buy if you don't have a strong signal anywhere near your home. For example, the YX610 kit includes directional high-gain external antennas that can pull in weak signals. But it is intended for professional installers and does not include all of the necessary parts and cable like the YX510 do-it-yourself kit includes.

    Hope this helps...

    Best regards, WiredNot
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2009

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