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Buy How to make your device a thousand times better

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by stylus-r-us, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Personally – I’ve always felt “preference” is a problem in life - causing many conflicts as well as the saying – YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. You could take the finest suit – a three million dollar car – a fifteen million dollar house – or winning the lottery (and the winner wishing it was for more) and you would find those - not happy with the item in question. That’s just life - or what others would refer to as – “what makes the world go around”.

    Such is the case as to whether STYLUS-R-US stylus are actually the best. If you took the time to read even ten of the reviews on our site (second link down on the left) - you would invest money in our company. The product is that great. You would see in our emails and reviews – enthusiasm like you couldn’t find any where else - on any product. What – exactly causes this? An incredible product. However – do we get returns every now and then? Absolutely! The current ratio of returns - is one - in every seventy eight orders sent. And why? Because you can’t please everyone.

    The subject here however – isn’t going to be based on “note-taking” or “drawing” because as you would read in the reviews on our site – many feel obstinately - that our styli are the best for both. We had one order of 60 styli from a hospital in New Mexico for their doctors – none of which ever were returned. However – because note taking and art work positively fall under the category of PURELY PREFERENCE – we won’t debate or “sell” on either at this time.

    In place – this message is directed to the owners of an iPad – iPhone – Motorola Xoom (and alllllllll of the other touch screen devices) whose thing is NOT primarily note taking or art work. Those of you who are into reading books (requiring redundant page sliding or scrolling); or game playing where rapid touches on players (shooters or guns or birds or sling shots) – where game icons (moves) need to be done FAST – without mis activation. Often seconds can make the difference in a game - and if you touch something and it doesn’t activate – you lose or get shot.

    We’re talking of those who dance around the touch screen – opening and closing dozens of icons with each iToy session; those who go from screen to screen sliding or scrolling – opening or closing – making lines and circles; enlarging photos with two – super light taps on the screen – only to reduce the size - with two more abrupt taps with our stylus tip; those who want precision keyboard activations with every single character you touch – so texting and emails can be done in lightning speed - WITHOUT mis-activations.

    I’ve always said - it’s too bad the business world’s main theme - is to “sell” and “push” their products – each making claims - most can’t even begin to live up to. Too bad – because when something really comes along that is totally mind blowing awesome – few believe it. Some – reading post like this – take the chance and make the purchase. CLICK ON EMAIL


    What other post – even on Amazon – have you seen such enthusiasm over a product? We’ve read thousands and never seen one. And why is that? Simply because – our stylus is far beyond a legion in its own time. Having used them since day two of the first iPad – we still become astounded every time we touch the iPad screen to see how effortlessly - how incredibly light one has to touch – to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish. In that time period – I even had two icons open – when I only had the stylus tip a quarter inch from the screen – not actually touching it. Is this common? It may never happen again – (though a good friend had it happen once six months ago). This is to say – there is nothing more sensitive on a touch screen – than ALL SRU styli. Nothing! They even make the finger - look embarrassing.

    Also – taken from the web site.

    There's one more aspect of SRU stylus - that no other stylus in the world has - and is absolutely unbelievable: They are a constant pleasure to use. They enhance the practicality and enjoyment of your touch-screen device - to levels you are not going to believe. No other stylus – no matter how good they are – possess this characteristic.

    If you have an iPad or 95% of any other touch screen device – and want to have a second honeymoon – believe us - there is nothing - no finger or stylus - that can place you in the honeymoon suite – as well as a STYLUS-R-US stylus. The worst thing happening to everyone in search of a great touch screen stylus these days – is - they go to Amazon and read the reviews on all of the stylus they market. In doing so – they become intoxicated by all of the 4 & 5 star reviews on stylus - that would receive a minus 5 - when compared to SRU styli. Absolute fact. It is these improper – inaccurate – 4 & 5 star reviews on what 90% are nothing more than a rubber tip stylus – that has caused countless people interested in a stylus – to make the purchase – only to regret it within a minute of receiving it – thus - why they have a drawer full of rejects: the bottom email author - only one of millions of victims of such mis-grading of stylus. CLICK ON EMAIL


    If you are interested in a GREAT – truly phenomenal stylus - just read the reviews on our site and take in a few YouTube videos. Do that - and we will be hearing from you soon. There is no better stylus in the world – and you can prove that - by making the purchase.



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    Last edited: Jul 14, 2012

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