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How to stop spam text messages?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Dave Parker, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Dave Parker

    Dave Parker Guest

    My son just started to receive text messages from:


    The message is a series of numbers, such as:


    And they are coming a couple every minute. Tried responding with
    messages of "stop", "cancel" and "unsubscribe" but they keep coming.
    Called verizon customer support and they cannot help (they suggested the
    three replies).

    Any thoughts? My son insists that he hasn't signed up for any kind of
    "joke of the day" or anything at all using his cell number.

    Desperate for ideas!


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  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Dave Parker <david.j.parker@verizon.net> wrote in news:Lbnah.14957$Uz.8354

    > 3473.3932..9356.2262)
    > 1902.1429.3150.1681.
    > 6307.8548.1004.2895.
    > 8700.8759

    LAUNCH CODES!.....(gasp)

    Tell VZW to turn off messaging for a few days, making them bounce on the
    sender, who will notice he's sending the missile launch codes to the wrong
    user. Then, he'll put the RIGHT number into his sending database and you
    can turn messaging back on, again, free of it.

    Wonder why VZW didn't think of that....no, wait.....never mind.....

    If we eliminate religion, will they stop murdering each other?

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