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How-to HTC Desire 626: Back Up & Restore Data via HTC Backup or Locally

Discussion in 'HTC' started by DustenRust, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    Back Up Your Phone to Google Drive:
    1. Swipe the “Status” bar down
    2. Access “Settings
    3. Tap “Backup & reset” > “Backup account
    4. Tap “HTC Account” and sign in with your account (alternatively you can use a Google or Facebook account)
    5. In the “Cloud Storage”, tap “Google Drive” > “OK
    6. Sign in with your Google account to gain access to Google Drive
    7. Optionally, enable “Automatic backup
    8. To back up data manually, tap “Back up now
    NOTE: To set up your phone in order to create automatic daily backups over Wi-Fi, access “Settings” > “Back up phone daily over Wi-Fi

    Restore Data from Google Drive:
    1. When you first power on the phone, or after a factory reset, tap “Restore from HTC Backup
    2. Sign in with the account you used for the backup
    3. Access the history menu and select the desired backup
    4. Tap “Next” and register with your Google account at the prompt
    5. Allow HTC Backup to connect with Google Drive
    6. Tap “Next

    Back Up & Restore Data Locally

    Back Up Contacts:
    1. Launch “Phone
    2. Access the “People” tab
    3. Press “Menu” > “Manage contacts
    4. Tap “Import / Export contacts
    5. Select to “Export to SD card” / “Export to phone storage
    6. Select the account you want to use for the backup
    7. Tap “Yes” to set a backup password
    8. Tap “OK
    Restore Contacts:
    1. Open “People
    2. Press “Menu” > “Manage Contacts
    3. Tap “Import / Export contacts
    4. Select “Import contacts from phone storage” (or SD card)
    5. Select an account, tap the desired backup file and tap “OK
    6. In case the backup file is password-protected, enter the password and tap “OK
    Back Up Messages:
    1. Open “Messages
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Backup / Restore SMS
    3. Tap “Back up” > “Back up SMS
    4. Optionally, set a password for the backup file
    5. Enter a name for the backup file and tap “OK
    Back Up Text Messages via Email:
    1. Launch “Messages
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Back up / Restore SMS
    3. Tap “Back up” > “Back up SMS via email
    4. Set a password for the file (optional)
    5. Ensure that the email contains the desired backup file
    6. Send the email to your own address
    NOTE: To restore messages via email, simply open the email containing the attachment, then download the file and import it via “Messages”

    Back Up a Dictionary:
    1. Open “Settings
    2. Tap “Language & Keyboard
    3. Tap “HTC Sense Input” > “Personal dictionary
    4. Tap “Menu” > “Back up to storage
    5. Press “Back up to email” > “OK” to confirm
    Restore Dictionaries:
    1. Go to “Settings
    2. Tap “Languages & Keyboard
    3. Tap “HTC Sense Input” > “Personal dictionary
    4. Press “Menu” > “Restore from storage
    5. Tap “OK
    Back Up / Restore Tasks:
    1. Open the “Tasks” app
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Import / Export
    3. Tap “Export to SD card
    4. To restore tasks, first open the app
    5. Then tap “Menu” > “Import / Export
    6. Tap “Import from SD Card
    7. Select the desired backup file and follow the on-screen steps

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  2. Gaqbbhyt

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  3. yonglan

    yonglan Member

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    Besides the way offered in the post, we can use HTC mobile manager tool like Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager to backup all data like contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, etc to computer. It's easy, we just need connect HTC phone with computer via USB Cable.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2017

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