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Info HTC Thunderbolt Tips & Tricks

Discussion in 'HTC' started by jdeg, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    The following is a list of tips and tricks for the HTC Thunderbolt (the instructions are virtually the same for the Thunderbolt and Droid Incredible)


    Add/remove widgets
    To add:
    • Press the Home button
    • Select Menu > Add > Widget
    To remove: Select and hold then widget, drag it to the trash can that appears where the application window was.

    Optimize Battery Life
    • Press the Home button > Menu
    • Select Add > Widgets > Power Control
      This Widget will easily allow you to turn off services that drain battery, like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Screen briteness, e-mail and facebook sync, and GPS

    Import contacts
    From SD card:
    • Insert SD card with vCard file (in root)
    • Go to Contacts > Menu > Import/Export > Import from SD card

    Watch Youtube Videos in high resolution
    When watching a video select Menu > More > Watch in high quality or hit the "HQ" button

    Viewing Notifications
    Simply touch the top status bar and slide down

    Pairing a Bluetooth Headset
    • Press the Home button > Menu
    • Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth > Bluetooth settings
    • Put your headset in pairing mode
    • Select Scan for devices
    • Your headset should come up in the list - if there's a password, enter it (probably 0000)
    • You should now be able to connect to the headset

    Switch applications/recently used
    Simply hold down the Menu key

    Delete a single call or message
    Select the message or call you want to delete and hold - a window of options will pop up and you can select 'delete'.

    Delete a bookmark
    Long press the bookmark and select Delete bookmark

    Save a picture
    Save pictures (MMS or browser) by long pressing them. An option to save will appear.

    Load files from your computer
    • Connect your Dorid to your computer using provided USB cable
    • Go to Notifications by touching the top status bar and sliding down
    • Select USB Connected
    • Notification > Select Mount
    • You should now see the Incredible as a drive in explorer or finder
    • When you're done moving files, go to Notifications and select Turn off USB storage

    Set audio file/mp3 as ringtone
    Open the file you want to set as a ringtone in the media player - click the menu - set as ringtone

    Set ringtones per contact
    Go to Contacts - Select a contact - Select Menu > Options - Under ringtone choose the ringtone you'd like to set for this person.

    Set tones per Notification
    If you go to the individual application that you want to set the notification for you can change it there under the menu.
    For example. Click on Messaging > Menu > Settings - scroll down to Notifications - there is a setting for ringtone or vibrate. (same steps for e-mail and Facebook)

    Save word to dictionary
    While typing - when a word comes up, longpress it. It will be added to the dictionary

    Speed Dial

    • In any text field - long press
    • Edit text will appear
    • Cut all and Copy all will be among the options.
    • If you have something on the clipboard Paste will be an option

    Lock a Text Message
    • Go to Messaging
    • Open a conversation
    • longpress an individual text message - an option will appear to Lock message
    • to unlock long press the locked message and select Unlock message

    Stop Running Applications
    • Select Settings
    • Applications
    • Running services
    • Select the desired service
    • Stop

    Set phone back to factory default
    • Settings >Privacy > Factory data reset
    • Select 'Reset phone' & 'Erase everything'

    Connect to VPN

    Sync Microsoft Exchange

    Sync with iTunes

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  2. stone-heart

    stone-heart New Member

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    Thanks for the awesome list. Keep posting these kind of tips...
  3. pinappu

    pinappu New Member

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    You have done a great job man!
  4. GetAway

    GetAway New Member

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    Great tip list! I've been trying to stop my running apps for weeks and no one seemed to be able to give me the right information. You just saved my battery!
  5. Cdog

    Cdog New Member

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    Very cool! I didn't know you could connect to a VPN like that. This may come in handy when I'm at work at some point. Thanks so much for this information Jdeg!

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