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I Found a Locked LG Chocolate 2, will that unlock method work?

Discussion in 'LG Chocolate' started by Garo, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Garo

    Garo New Member

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    Hey I found an LG Chocolate 2 phone, I don't know if it's K4600 or KG9000 whatever, but it looks just like this picture here so I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

    the link to the picture is is www dot

    (sorry I can't post links directly)
    But this phone is locked, I guess the person that lost it called in and had it manufacturer locked and needs a four digit code I believe.

    Now I looked at the "How to Unlock your Chocolate" thread but I'm not sure if this phone will work for that method, if it does tell me and I'll go do it

    Will that method work or do I have to do something else? WHAT DO I DO? I'd really appreciate if someone could help me! (Would Custom firmware work as a last resort?)

    If there's a way to avoid buying a phone - computer adapter thing that'd be cool, but I'll get it if it's significantly easier.

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  2. cellphonesgb

    cellphonesgb New Member

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    Unlocking a phone from a passcode usually requires some sort of software to be able figure out what the passcode is.

    The LG Chocolate 2 is a Verizon phone, if I'm not mistaken. If you "found" it, then the phone probably has been already called in as lost/stolen with Verizon. Meaning even if you do get the user unlock code, you may not be able to use the phone.

    Easiest way to know if it's worth your time is to take the battery off, and look for the "MEID" number.
    Then call Verizon Customer Care center and have them check that number. They can tell you right away if the phone is usable or not.

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