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I need help with possible Verizon lawsuit

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by phillymonster, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. phillymonster

    phillymonster New Member

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    I am helping someone can help me. I signed on with Verizon last December. I got a job in Brea, CA where my Verizon coverage is absolutely horrible. I called in June and Retentions suggested that I put my service on hold until I know if my job situation is permanent or not (it wasn’t then, but is now). I called back at the end of the three-month period and had them postpone it again, for the same exact reason. However, they started charging me again.

    I went to the Better Business Bureau and Verizon responded that they can put my service on hold for three months more only. They charged me a $15 fee and told me that it didn’t matter that my phone didn’t work; I signed a two year contract and would have to pay a $290 early termination fee. They said the phone works where my home address is and that’s what they have to go by, even though I’m at work far more than I’m at home. They also said I could just have someone else finish my contract.

    This is very frustrating. I shouldn’t have to pay for service that doesn’t work. I had to sign on to Sprint in order to get cell phone reception in my office. We keep going back and forth with the Better Business Bureau, but they won’t give in at all. Does anybody have any suggestions. Can anybody point me to a lawyer that could help? Please respond privately or email report345@aol.com

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