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i730 - WAP issues with metroPCS

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by pglenn, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. pglenn

    pglenn New Member

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    I just flashed a Samsung/Verizon i730 to metroPCS services. the phone service is working fine however I am having issues with the internet. I used QPST and the phone does not seem to be accepting some of the requested changes.

    When in phone mode (1X) and trying to connect to internet i get
    "Cannot Connect - Your username or password is incorrect..."
    I try both metropcs and mymetropcs as password and get same message

    under QPST I have made the following relevant entries

    Service Programming=000000
    Field Service=000000
    One-Time-Subsidy-Lock = Clear
    (I have also tried One-Time-Subsidy-Lock as 000000 with no difference)

    User Profile - (1) and (2) have nai=<10-digit-num>@mymetropcs
    Mobile IP behavior = Simple IP Only

    PPP Config
    under Um and AN
    UserID = <10-digit-num>@mymetropcs.com
    pass = metropcs
    (I have also tried pass = mymetropcs here)

    every time I re-load the settings into QPST from the phone, the following are changed back. the phone seems to not be accepting these

    Mobile IP behavior = Mob + Simp f/back

    PPP Config
    under Um and AN
    Userid = (10-digit-num>@vzw3g.com

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    PS - the problem seems related to certain settings not being updated - ie using Bitpim i get "phone is not responding while manipulating the filesystem" and "access to the file/directory has been blocked by the phone provider" errors when attempting to overwrite nvm_data or nvm_hdr files

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