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Least Expensive Verizon Plan as of Sep 14, 2011

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by amkazen, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. amkazen

    amkazen New Member

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    I was with Alltell for years (excellent coverage) Verizon (after they bought Alltel, very poor coverage), went with T-Mobile because of poor reception at my house and recieved some guidance from some cell phone forum (this one?) that T-Mobile was the best carrier for my house since they had a tower pointing right into the canyon I live in, and for 3.5 weeks T-Mobile was phenomenol. Then, it was worse than Verizon, and I have been battling T-Mobile ever since. All they can tell me is "a tower is being worked on in your area" Since February? At least Verizon would send a tech out to my area and they determiend there was nothing they could do, so they released us from our 2 year contract. So, we are going back to Verizon because T-Mobile is absolutely unresponsive to our concerns.

    So, at a local Verizon store I was told $99.95 for 2 lines, 700 minutes, unlimited text, plus $30 per phone if we got Smartphones, for a total of $160 plus taxes per month. That to me is just outrageously expensive.

    Is there another Verizon plan out there for two phones where the total would be less than $100, including taxes?

    Is there another carrier that has a plan less than $100?

    I also thought I read somewhere a Smartphone..no, I was told by a Verizon rep on their 800 #, that a data plan was not needed for a Smartphone if I did not sign up for a 2 year contract, or something like that. I like the features of the smart phone..the touch screen, the ease of use, etc, but I do not need all the other bells & whistles that come with a smart phone. So, it would be nice if I got one but did not have to get the data plan.

    My wife does not go on the Internet with her cell phone..period. She only texts and talks. I go on-line OCCASIONALLY to check my email, or look a phone # up..the free 411 #'s are a pain to use.

    We also are interested in improving reception in our house and immediately outside our house. Does that mean we go with Wilson equipment and a Yagi antenna, or use a Network Extender, or something else that will tie in with our Internet service? the local Verizon store said the Network Extender was like $25 per month but again...that Verizon rep or I read somewhere the network Extender was free if we had poor service at our house and we only paid if we cancelled our contract / service and did not return the extender.

    Can anyone give us some guidance on all these issues?



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