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How-to LG G Vista: Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life

Discussion in 'LG' started by DustenRust, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    Enabling Battery Saving Mode:
    1. From the home screen, tap "Apps"
    2. Open "Settings"
    3. Swipe to "Device"
    4. Tap "Battery" and tap the "Battery Saver" switch to set it to "ON"
    5. Choose the battery percentage at which the battery saver mode enables automatically
    6. Mark or clear the check boxes associated with the battery saver options, such as "auto-sync"
    7. To further customize the mode, tap the "Settings" icon next to "Brightness" and "Screen timeout"
    Lowering the Screen Brightness and Timeout:
    1. From the home screen, tap "Apps"
    2. Go to "Settings" > "Display"
    3. Tap "Brightness" and drag the slider to the left
    4. Press "Back" to return to the previous menu and tap "Screen timeout"
    5. Select a different, lower value such as "15 seconds"
    Disabling Wi-Fi, Hotspot, GPS and Bluetooth:

    NOTE: It's highly recommended that you disable all connectivity features when they are not in use, as Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth can have a great negative impact on your phone's battery performance
    1. From any home screen, tap "Apps"
    2. Tap "Settings" > "Tethering & Networks"
    3. Tap "Mobile HotSpot" and set the switch to "Off"
    4. Press "Back" to go back to the "Settings" screen
    5. Scroll to "personal" and then tap "location"
    6. Tap "Mode"> "Battery saving (Networks only)"
    7. Press "Back" twice and then tap the "Wi-Fi" and "Bluetooth" switches to turn these features off
    Changing the Sync Settings for Apps:
    1. Launch the apps drawer
    2. Access the phone's "Settings" menu
    3. Scroll to "Personal" and tap "Accounts & Sync"
    4. Clear the "Auto-sync data" check box
    5. Swipe to "Accounts" and underneath the option you can change additional app sync settings
    Disabling Background Data:
    1. Tap "Apps" from the home screen
    2. Access "Settings" > "Mobile data"
    3. Press "Menu" and place a check mark next to "Restrict background data"
    4. Tap "OK" to confirm
    Minimizing the Use of Third Party Apps:

    NOTE: while you may not use all of your third party applications, some apps can still affect your phone's battery life on the long run, assuming that they run processes and services in the background even while they don't run in the foreground. As such, it's recommended that you disable or uninstall unused third party apps:
    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Tap "Settings" and swipe to "Device"
    3. Tap "Apps" and access the "Downloaded" section
    4. Tap and hold the desired app
    5. To disable it, tap "Force stop"
    6. To completely remove the app, tap "Uninstall"
    Switching from 4G to 2G:
    1. Access the phone's "Settings" menu
    2. Tap "Tethering & Networks" > "Mobile networks"
    3. Mark the "Use only 2G networks" check box
    4. To switch back to 4G, clear the check box
    Keeping Your Device Up to Date:

    NOTE: Manufacturers and carriers sometimes release new software updates that can improve your phone's battery performance. As such, it's recommended that you keep your device up to date. However, keep in mind that performing the steps below while no update is available won't have any effect on your phone's battery life.
    1. Tap "Apps" while on the home screen
    2. Go to "Settings" > "System"
    3. Tap "About phone" > "update center"
    4. Tap "System updates" and press the "Check now" button
    5. In case an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and apply it on your device

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  2. Garfield

    Garfield New Member

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    Another tip that I have found useful is to drain the battery at least once a month and then recharge it again. This prolongs the battery life by a considerable period of time. I have done this with all my handsets and they have outlasted handsets that were owned by my friends.

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