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LG KG800 unlocked problems

Discussion in 'LG Chocolate' started by vandaman, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. vandaman

    vandaman New Member

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm having trouble with this new KG800 that I got, unlocked.
    everything works fine except for the fact that:
    I cannot send or recieve MMS (picture, video, sound) messages
    I also have Cincinnati Bell Wireless, which is local to my hometown so when you go more than an hour away, it should change so that it uses CinBell USA. this worked flawlessly on my old phone that was given to me by my service provider but now with my KG800, when i go far away it just changes to Cingular or T-Mobile... therefore i am roaming.

    i am wondering if there is hope for these problems and if they could be fixed with a trip to the store or if i am paying the price of a unlocked phone.


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