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LG TM-510 (tm510) data cable phone book sync Verizon mobile office kit software 14.4K wireless

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Pman, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Pman

    Pman Guest

    As of 12/5/03 this is what you need to know.

    The LG TM-510 is a great non-color phone. I just got it recently but
    now Verizon doesn't carry the "Mobile Office Kit(s)" for them. ...not
    in the stores and not on the phone. You have to go eBay or somewhere
    while you can.

    You need a cable and the choice is Serial RS-232 or USB (w/included
    Driver Disk).

    Note, most all serial cables (LG Brand) have the box in the middle
    with LED and PASS THROUGH PORT so you can connect the mobile OR travel
    power up to it (remove the litte rubber cover). **NOT** all USB cables
    have the center "box". Unless you are on really long connects you may
    not care. Just keep your battery charged.

    Get USB if you plan on paying for and going faster than the included
    14.4K (14.4K takes peak minutes but not nights and week ends). Slow
    but mobile, free and there is an accelerator.

    USB just lets you run terminal speeds of 230400 instead of 115200
    through most COM (RS-232/Serial) ports. This MIGHT give a SLIGHT edge
    if you are running the high priced high speed wireless service.

    The serial cable is simpler in some ways though. You really don't need
    anything to go online but a serial (to 510) cable if you are good at
    saves time! So what's up with the software.

    In spite of what you think of an accelerator, it does help. This is
    why I recomend getting a Verizon brand "Mobile Office Kit" for the
    TM-510. Verizon ONLY supports this kit (cable and Verizon software)
    but they are not much help anyway. They could say "sorry we no longer
    support that". If you need help installing then it's important.

    So if you get an LG cable kit with it's "software" CD you will not get
    the accelerator. Plus the LG kits are serial only if you are set on

    Ahh, but then Verizon says THIER "phone book" transfer software on
    thier NEWER kits ONLY work with USB. So you will not ba able to use
    the LG sync software I am about to tell you about.

    ***NOTE*** There are several seemingly similar versions of Verizon's
    "Mobile Office Kit" for the LG TM-510. At least three renditions. From
    what I can tell there is basically:

    1. The original LG kit repackaged (serial),

    2. The Verizon Kit with Verizon CD including an accelerator (including
    the same serial LG cable),

    3. and then the latest Verizon 510 kit with USB cable (some USB cables
    with pass though port some without) including the LG USB driver CD and
    Verizon CD including "PHONE BOOK" support.

    FYI you may prefer the USB with out pass though (power) box for
    porability but the more you use it you may miss the chearge while
    connected pass through port (requires you mobile "cigar" adaptor or AC
    to phone (or pass through) "travel adapter". (You can't connect
    anything to the bottom of the phone while in it's "charging cradle").

    There are also after market kits which are pricey. If you don't care
    about the price, perhaps you might like the "Data Pilot" Kit but I can
    save you the cash. Another company wants to charge you seperately for
    the cable, phone sync and internet connect software. All and each more
    expensive than what I paid for everything. Hey, we may not have this
    set up but for a few more months! It's smart to keep the price down.

    Don't you hate the way "they" are making these accesories incompatable
    and over priced. That's an imoral way to run a business.

    LG HAS in the PAST offered PC sync for your phone book. You can get it
    in the "tm510" Yahoo Group "Files" section! But here's the point. This
    software takes the serial (COM PORT) cable only.

    So, I bought a Verizon Mobile Office Kit on eBay BuyItNOW for
    $6.99+$9=$15.99 total shipped which was cheaper than the LG cables
    AFTER shipping. It was the least expensive of all cables ot kits

    This means I get Verizon support, easy set up software including the
    Accelerator, serial cable but NOT Phone book sync software. But
    I downloaded the above metioned LG TM510 PC Sync software from the
    "tm510" Yahoo Group and now I have the best of both worlds.

    I've seen the Data Pilot demo on the web and this LG sync software
    V2.1 (V3.0 may be uploaded soon) is to me as good or better (your
    milage may vary).

    So I hope this helps!

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