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lg-tm510 unlocked or not

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by DON NOLAN, Nov 2, 2003.


    DON NOLAN Guest

    i have a lg-tm510 that was originally for north coast pcs
    a small carrier here in ohio
    i have moved out of their service area
    and decided to go with verizon
    they claim they cant use phone as it is locked to north coast pcs
    after searching the web
    i come up with press
    menu 3 0 000000
    and you can reach the service menu's
    this worked
    so i went back to store and tried again
    claiming to have the unlock password
    he wouldn't even look at the phone
    so is getting to the service menu not considered unlocking
    he claims even if i did unlock it the frequencies would be all wrong
    for verizon
    is this true
    couldn't he update the firmware/software for me
    or was he just being in a foul mood today
    thanks in advance

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