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LG/Verizon mp3 players

Discussion in 'LG' started by melynn44, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. melynn44

    melynn44 New Member

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    This post is partially as a reply and partially as a question. My sister recently purchased the LG the V, VCast compatable phone. I think it is an updated version of the VX9800 phone. I have seen several posts on this topic, and this may apply to other phones.

    We recevied the mini-SD card, and we attempted to transfer music from the computer onto the phone. We kept getting error messages, no matter what we did. At that point, we decided to give Verizon a call. It took them almost two hours, but this was what we were told: if you have the newest software, you must use Windows Media Player. This much we knew, as we had downloaded an mp3/wma converter for that purpose. Furthermore, they explained that Windows Media Player 10 is not good enough. In order to get playble files onto the phone, you have to go to Verizon Wireless and purchase a Music Essentials pack that includes their particular version of WMP 10.

    Not done yet. Before you try to put songs onto the phone, you have to delete and re-download all music back onto your computer. Finally, the gentleman informed me that any downloaded music from Limeware or Shareaza or anything like that would not play on the mp3 player under any circumstances due to licensing and what not. Basically, you can only put music from CD's onto the phone. This confuses me, because under the FAQ page on Verizon's website, it said that unprotected songs would in fact play on their phones.

    That was my statement portion of this post. My question is if there is some way around this. It seems to me that there would be some way around this. Not necessarily the Verizon WMP version, but being able to put downloaded songs on the phone. If anyone has any ideas otr suggestions or knows where to look, please let me know. We'd like to return the phone if it ends up not being worth it.

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