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LG Voyager won't turn on

Discussion in 'LG Voyager' started by soxman1804, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. soxman1804

    soxman1804 New Member

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    I have a problem with my Voyager. I have two batteries (because i use it to play music a lot and one doesn't last all day). One battery is fine, but when I put the other one in, the phone won't turn on. I fully charged it the night before but when I press the power button the screen stays blank. I do not want to take it to Verizon (because the water damage marker turned pink after it (just the battery, not the phone) accidentally got put through the wash a few months ago) and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I tried taking it out and waiting for 30 seconds. Could it be solved by putting it on a charger or something? Or will I just need a new battery?


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  2. WiredNot

    WiredNot New Member

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    Hi soxman1804,

    The answer seems pretty obvious. Your Voyager works with one battery but not the other. One battery is bad!!! Don't use it or put it in your phone again or you may risk damaging your phone.

    How much does a battery cost? I got a new 1500 mAh extended LG battery on eBay for less than $40. How much would it cost to replace your phone (without a contract renewal)? Probably over $200. So keep this in perspective and don't risk your much more expensive phone with a bad battery.

    Personally, I'm like you in that I needed more than one battery. The solution for me was to buy one of the 3000 mAh batteries from Mugen Power for my Voyager. It gives my phone a talk time of over 12 hours. My Voyager easily lasts all day with continuous use. I usually only need to charge it once per week---never more than twice per week. If you shop carefully you can get one of these batteries for less than $50.

    Best regards, WiredNot

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