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LG VX3200 Faceplate Replacement

Discussion in 'LG' started by pressmoon, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. pressmoon

    pressmoon New Member

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    I've looked for a thread regarding this and the only 1 I found goes back to 2005 and it's not very detailed. I'm doing it for my girlfriend.

    I realize that it'll void the warranty but it looks easy to do and she really want her "rose" faceplate.

    I know how to take the screws off but in gently trying to pry off the faceplate, it appears that the speaker to the earpiece is glued to the factory faceplate.

    Is that the case and if so how should I proceed? And is there anything else "attached" that I should know if I go any further?

    Any other things to know about?

    I'd appreciate any help and suggestions.


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  2. bossdragon

    bossdragon Daderator

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    I don't think the ear piece is glued to the faceplate. It may appear that it's so, but it shouldn't be. There may be a foam guard/noise/vibration piece around the earphone, and that may indeed be attached to the faceplate. If it is, you are going to have to very, very gently remove that and put it on the new faceplate.

    Also, there may or may not be a another piece of foam around the speaker area, once again, that should be transfered over to the new faceplate.

    One other thing I found out about aftermarket faceplate's for LG phones is where the 3 line/holes are for the speakers, they have made them very small. A lot smaller than the factory faceplate. I ended up taking my faceplate back off and taking a very small drill bit and drilling them out. It helped tremendously.

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