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Lg Vx8100 Help

Discussion in 'LG' started by lilshorty5479, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. lilshorty5479

    lilshorty5479 New Member

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    :confused: i have a ?..ok i just downloaded this program bitpim..on my computer & i have this bluetooth program i bought from verizon & its a usb too. & if i load that will my phone reconigize my compuer? orr/// im completely lost..
    please help & thank u

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  2. Dallas37

    Dallas37 New Member

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    First off are you trying to connect via bluetooth or usb. Do you have a bluetooth dongle. I need to know this for proper instructions.

    Nevermind here this may help you.

    USB Cable Connection
    With a USB cable it is pretty simple: Sometimes also when you connect your phone to your computer you might want to reboot your phone and then start bitpim.
    1. Install Drivers for cable
    2. Plug in cable
    3. Plug in phone
    4. Done

    BlueTooth Connection

    1. Click Menu->Settings and Tools- .9 PC Connection
    2. Select 3. Bluetooth to use Bluetooth
    3. If it asks you if you want to turn bluetooth on, select Yes.
    4. Go to Menu -> Settings and Tools -> 0. Bluetooth
    5. Select 3. My Visibility
    6. Select "Show to All"
    7. On your PC, go to My Bluetooth Places (you can type that in windows explorer and you will go there, or My Network places)
    8. Click View Devices in Range in the left hand side
    9. Double click on your phone
    10. Double Click on Bluetooth Serial Port.
    11. It will tell you what Com Port it is assigning to the phone, this is important, remember it. (you will have to set this in BitPim)

    Now, download BitPim. and Install and then run.
    1. Click Edit ->Settings
    2. Change Phone Type to LG-VX8100.
    3. Type in the COM Port from before
    4. Click the FileSystem Tab by going up to view in Bitpim and click View Filesystem in the drop down menu, and then click on the file system tab.

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