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LG VX9800 and the WEB Neat or helpful sites

Discussion in 'LG' started by rudely, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. rudely

    rudely New Member

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    Hell all,

    I just got my 9800 a month ag and have gotten into using it alot at work to surf the web. I just started learning about WAP sites and thought it would be nice to have a thread devoted to helpful web related issues, such as the Instant Messaging and such. Verison's IM software charges you 10 cents a message! in and out going. WAP is FREE!

    Here is a link I like alot! I made my own WAP page there with links I goto alot so I only have to goto my site to get where Im going quick. Hope some of this helps others out!


    sign up here to get all your messaging needs and even run MIRC on your cell phone!


    This is my personal WAP site with my favorite links on it!

    PLease add more sites that you find and think are neat or helpful.

    Anyone know of a way to save images off the web on the 9800 ?

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  2. OBXVZW21

    OBXVZW21 enjoys shooting nutria

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    i dont think you can save pics off the web with the 9800 but if you have a miniSD you can save the pics on your home computer and then load them to the miniSD.

    i haven't checked out those sites you posted yet but i will give them a try later.

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