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Looking for a PRL with Sprint

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by DTR, Feb 3, 2004.



    x-no-archive:yes From: hoch@exemplary.invalid (CharlesH):

    "...I think that the issue for PCS is that there are no standard pilot
    "channels" for PCS, like there are for A/B cellular, and thus the phone cannot
    find the PCS provider unless the PRL points it to the appropriate pilots. This
    info is hard-coded for the A/B bands, since their use predates the use of

    Actually, it is VZW's choice to have "Auto A or Auto B" in their Firmware.
    US Cellular phones simply have "Automatic". My 3586i I use on VZW was
    originally from US Cellular, & even though I have VZW's latest PRL, I can Roam
    onto PCS & Sprint in NYC. The Phone, instead of defaulting to "B" if it can't
    find anything in the PRL, will Automatically search for any CDMA system first,
    then any analog.
    The Auto setting is not limited to "B" or "A". Since VZW's System & Partners
    are over 90% cellular A or B, & the Few Exceptions (Florida ect) ARE in the
    PRL, They Don't want your phone to "find" any other PCS CDMA system not in
    their PRLS's (such as Sprint in NY, NJ, LA & Boston).....

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