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How-to Motorola DROID MAXX 2: Tips & Tricks to Improve Battery Life

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Ultra & Maxx' started by DustenRust, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    Enable Battery Saving Mode:
    1. Launch “Settings
    2. Scroll to “Device
    3. Tap “Battery” > “Menu
    4. Enable “Battery saver
    Lower the Screen Brightness and Timeout Duration:
    1. Go to “Settings
    2. Scroll to “Device” and tap “Display
    3. If necessary, disable “Adaptive brightness
    4. Tap “Brightness level” and drag the slider towards the left-hand edge of the screen
    5. From the “Display” menu, tap “Sleep
    6. Choose a lower value such as “15 seconds
    Disable Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, and GPS:

    NOTE: To improve battery life in the long run you can disable the phone’s connectivity features when they are not in use.
    1. On the home screen, drag the “Notification” bar down
    2. Tap the “Bluetooth”, “Wi-Fi” and “Location” tiles to disable these features
    3. Go to “Settings
    4. For GPS settings, tap “Location
    5. Tap “Mode” and select “Battery saving
    6. To turn off Hotspot, return to “Settings”, tap “More” under “Wireless & Networks” and disable “Tethering & Mobile Hotspot
    Use 2G instead of 4G:
    1. Open “Settings
    2. Under “Wireless & networks”, tap “More
    3. Tap “Mobile networks” > “Preferred network type
    4. Tap “2G
    Change Sync Settings:

    NOTE: You can improve battery life in the long run by changing your sync settings to sync less data.
    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Launch “Settings” and scroll to “Personal
    3. Tap “Accounts” and select an account type
    4. Clear / check to boxes next to the sync options you want to disable
    Minimize the Use of Third Party Applications:

    NOTE: Some of your third party apps could affect your phone’s battery performance even when not in use – assuming that the respective apps run regular tasks and processes in the background. By minimizing the use of these third party apps by removing or disabling them, you might be able to increase battery life in the long run.
    1. Go to “Settings
    2. Scroll to “Device” and tap “Apps
    3. Access “Downloaded
    4. Select the desired app
    5. Tap “Disable” / “Force stop” to turn off the app
    6. Tap “Uninstall” > “OK” to completely remove the app

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  2. Dialtone

    Dialtone Member

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    These are some excellent tips for saving battery life. I keep my timeouts for screen and locking to the bare minimum so that both get deactivated and save some more battery. I also keep all my backgrounds black because a white or any bright background will eat up battery like a hog.

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